San Francisco DUIs and the Holidays

Posted by Chris Morales on Tue, Dec 07, 2010 @ 02:30 PM

          My business increases during the Holiday Season. People tend to celebrate the Holidays with alcohol. My recommendation is if you are out celebrating and know you'll have a few drinks, take a cab or public transportation. In the long run it's much cheaper. A first time DUI/DWI will cost you thousands of dollars. An excellent San Francisco DUI or DWI attorney will cost you between $4000-$8000. If convicted you're looking at a fine of close to $2000, a DUI school that willl cost you hundreds of dollars, increased car insurance and possibly two days in the county jail.  Your California Driver's License will also be suspended for four months or restricted for five months after a one month suspension.

          If you are going to drive after having a few drinks, don't give the police a reason to pull you over. Turn off the radio and focus on your driving. Don't speed. Make sure all your lights are working properly. Stay off the Highway as much as possible. Most DUI and DWI cases occur on the freeway and not on city streets. Don't drive through the Presidio, the United State Park Police are very diligent. Read the local newspapers for the locations of DUI and DWI Sobriey Checkpoints.

         If stopped by the police always be curteous. Never refuse to take any of the tests that the police ask of you. When given a choice of a blood test or breath test, always take the breath test. Let me repeat that, always take the breath test. If arrested, your DUI attorney has a better chance of casting doubt on the results of the breath test as opposed to the blood test.

        The bottom line is if you are celebrating with alcohol, relax have a great time and take a taxi home.

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