California Money Laundering

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Aug 17, 2011 @ 06:00 AM

If you face money laundering charges in California, speak with a San Francisco white collar criminal attorney as soon as possible. Unless you are familiar with the charges, money laundering can seem like a strange term, and you may be uncertain about the meaning of the alleged crime. In a money laundering scheme, an individual deposits money from the proceeds of a criminal act into a financial institution with the intent to disguise the money as legitimate income from a shell corporation or other legitimate source. Due to the nature of the crime, it can be difficult to link the money deposited in the bank to criminal activity. This makes some money laundering cases extremely complex and challenging.

Money laundering is a serious crime that carries harsh penalties including jail time and a large fine. However, both the state and the federal government can prosecute a case of money laundering, depending on whether the crime took place in California alone or if money laundering was carried out in multiple states. Californiahas some of the harshest penalties for a money laundering conviction. For example, in California an individual convicted of money laundering charges can face up to three years in state prison. In addition, the convicted individual may also face a large fine, sometimes up to double the amount of the transaction. However, your San Francisco white collar criminal attorney can explain to you the penalties you are likely to face for your particular situation.

If you’ve been charged with money laundering in California, contact San Francisco white collar criminal attorney Christopher Morales today for a free initial consultation.

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