San Francisco Banking, Financial, and Accounting Crimes

Posted by Chris Morales on Tue, Aug 16, 2011 @ 11:18 AM

Though banking, financial, and accounting issues were once subject primarily to administrative or regulatory control, San Francisco white collar criminal attorneys have recently begun to see these cases prosecuted as criminal matters.

There are an increasing number of prosecutions filed at both the state and federal level for crimes such as:

  1. Accounting fraud and tax fraud, which includes such things as filing fraudulent corporate tax returns, keeping fraudulent books, hiding assets, or any issues involving improper reporting procedures.
  2. Money laundering.
  3. Forgery.
  4. Insider trading.
  5. Embezzlement.
  6. Mail and wire fraud.
  7. Bank fraud.

Criminal investigations and ultimately prosecutions evolve over a long period of time. Often, multiple agencies are conducting independent investigations. The case against you may take years to develop before it is filed. But once filed, you, the defendant, have perhaps only a few weeks or months to respond.


The weight of the government prosecution is against you. What are your options?

If you have any suspicion you are under investigation for any banking, financial or accounting crimes, contact an experienced San Francisco white collar criminal attorney immediately.

Do not make the mistake of waiting to be charged with a crime. By being proactive and contacting a San Francisco white collar criminal attorney once you are aware you are under investigation, you may have a greater opportunity to successfully defend yourself from the charges.

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