Former Deputy of Los Angeles Jail Accused of Bribery

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 @ 05:16 AM
prison bribery

A former sheriff’s deputy has been alleged to have been involved in bribery. The accused, Gilbert Michel, smuggled goods into the Men's Central Jail. According to reports from the office of a US attorney, the 38 year old Michel was snared in a sting operation conducted by the FBI last fall. 

Michel got Illegal Goods for Prison Inmates in Exchange of Cash

In exchange for cash, Michel got illegal goods for a prison inmate. According to prosecutors, the accused brought cigarettes, cell phone and a note for a prisoner.

Michel had resigned last year after charges were brought against him. Michel has been charged with bribery of public official. Those accused of this crime are sentenced to imprisonment up to 10 years under the federal law. The accused accepted all charges and has agreed to cooperate in the matter. Michel’s court appearance will be next week.

Decision on Michel’s Penalty Pending

A decision regarding the penalty for Gilbert Michel has not yet been taken by the federal court. According to Michel’s attorney, Robert Brode, if a person realizes his mistakes and understands its consequences, the court takes it into consideration when declaring penalty. However, the matter is uncertain till the sentence is actually pronounced by a federal judge. Brode added that his client was not entrapped. However he refused to discuss the details of the case in fear of facing further charges.

Case Stemmed from FBI Probe on a Different Matter

The case stemmed from a probe by the FBI on a matter which involved guards brutalizing inmates. It has been reported that deputies practice racism inside prisons. A prisoner reportedly was injured by a deputy. A statement regarding this issue was released by Southern California’s American Civil Liberties Union in September 2011. In the statement, deputies have been accused of misconduct inside prisons.

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