Lady arrested in Connection with Drunk Driving Case

Posted by Chris Morales on Thu, Feb 02, 2012 @ 08:33 AM
drunk driving

A lady has been arrested in Alameda in connection with a drunk driving case. The 51 year old Amelia Chin has been accused of helping a teenage girl in buying alcohol just a few hours before the child died in a fatal car accident. According to reports by the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, the 17 year old victim was accompanied by Chin to the Southern San Francisco’s Good N Rich Daily Market. Chin stood by the kid when she bought wine coolers and beer.

Qaqish Died in Car Crash

The victim was killed when the vehicle in which she was sitting crashed on a highway in Brisbane. The driver reportedly had 0.15 level of alcohol at the time of the mishap. It is double the alcohol limit permitted by law. Qaqish and her friends were discussing about radio stations, when the accident happened.

The driver had not noticed that traffic had stopped. Qaqish, who had been a senior student of San Francisco’s Baden High School, died in a hospital next day. Her birthday was only a week later.

Sean Quintero Facing Charges for Drunk Driving

18 year old Sean Quintero, who was driving the car during the time of the accident is currently facing charges for drunk driving. One of Qaqish’s friends is the daughter of Amelia Chin. The clerk of the market from where the alcohol was bought has also been arrested. Abduhl Azeem Buksh, the market clerk is 45 years old. He and his wife fear further disciplinary action will be taken against them. John Forsyth, Buksh’s attorney defended his client, stating that surveillance video clearly shows that the alcohol was sold to Chin.

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