San Francisco Man Pleads Not Guilty to Crime that Took Place 3 Decades Ago

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Feb 06, 2012 @ 09:00 AM
William payne murder

A San Francisco resident was accused of killing a man during an incident which took place about three decades back. 47 year old William Payne, the prime suspect of the crime, was arrested last Monday, but was pleaded not guilty on Thursday.

Nikolaus Crumbley’s Body in 1983

The victim, Nikolaus Crumbley's, body was found on November 16th, 1983 at a place between the Mansell Street and Shelley Drive in San Francisco. DNA tests done by the San Francisco police linked Payne to the case. An arrest warrant for $5 million was issued against Payne. At the time of the arrest, Payne was at a treatment center for mental ailment and substance abuse, according to police reports.

Payne’s Attorney Argued for Bail to be Reduced

The attorney of William Payne, Deputy Public Defender Kwixuan Maloof, argued in a federal court that the bail for his client should be reduced. The attorney stated that Payne has a family with 4 children and that he will not be able to pay the bail amount.

According to the attorney, Payne was questioned by the police after Crumbley’s death. Payne showed full cooperation at that time. The victim never left San Francisco since then. However, according to prosecutor Michael Swart, Payne was not able to leave San Francisco as he faced several charges all this while. Payne was accused of sexual assault and kidnapping in 1986. After this, the victim faced charges for robbery in 1992. Payne allegedly had been involved in an assault case that caused severe body injuries of the victim in 2008.

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