San Francisco Man to Spend 2 Years in Prison for Drunk Driving

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Feb 13, 2012 @ 09:00 AM
drunk driving

A man from the southern part of San Francisco was arrested in connection with a drunk driving case. The accused has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment by a federal court. The alleged, Sean Danniel Quintero was responsible for a fatal car accident that took place in San Francisco a year ago. A 17 year old girl, Margaret Qaqish, was killed in the car crash.

Sean Danniel Quintero Asked to Pay Fine of $47,250

In addition to the 2 year imprisonment in a state prison, Sean Danniel Quintero has also been asked to pay a fine of $47,250 for the fatal car crash.

Sean Danniel Quintero Partied with Friends when the Mishap took Place

19 year old Sean Danniel Quintero had been partying with friends when the car crash took place. It happened on Highway 101, according to prosecutors. The highway is located in South San Francisco. It was 3:30am when the mishap took place.

Quintero was distracted by a conversation which his friends were having in the car. They were discussing radio stations. Distracted, Quintero failed to notice that the traffic in front had stopped. He veered 2 lanes to the right and crashed into a Ford Explorer’s back. No one else in the car was injured other than Qaqish, who was sitting at the back. The victim was thrown forward. She was admitted to a hospital with several injuries and died after a while.

San Francisco police found an open container insider the car. The blood alcohol level in Quintero was measured 3 hours after the mishap took place. It was .15 at that time, which is much higher than the legal limit.  

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