Saxophone Player Arrested on Murder Charges in San Francisco Bay Area

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 09:00 AM
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A well-known San Francisco based saxophone player was arrested on murder charges recently in the San Francisco Bay Area. The accused killed his former wife 25 years ago, according to police reports. For decades, he managed to escape. The saxophone player is known as Garrick Sherrod in the jazz world. He played at San Francisco's Embarcadero Station. At the time of arrest, the victim was recognized by authorities as Ronald Brewington.

Diedre Brewington Killed in Albuquerque Apartment in 1987

Ronald Brewington reportedly killed his 37 year old wife, Diedre Brewington in 1987. She was found in her apartment in Albuquerque. Police have been chasing Ronald since then. The accused adopted the Social Security numbers and aliases of his children and the ladies who he dated. He escaped the police using such false identification proofs.

First-degree murder charges were filed against Brewington in 1988. His arrest warrant was issued soon after. However, Ronald fled before police could arrest him.  

Brewington Arrested in 2000 for Locking Children Inside a Car  

Brewington was arrested once in 2000 for locking children inside a car. However, the alleged managed to escape again, according to a spokesperson of the Albuquerque police, Tasia Martinez. Finally, Ronald was found at a BART station last week. Surprisingly, he didn’t try to escape that time.

At the time of arrest, he was playing the saxophone and kept his hat down when asking for money from his audience. According to police records, Ronald Brewington is 63 years old now. He performed regularly at the Embarcadero Station. A San Francisco based mental health counselor stated that she spotted Brewington almost everyday on her way to work. Brewington gave her Christmas cards every year.

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