Airport Shuttle Service Faces Charges over Illegal Donations

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 09:00 AM
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Lorrie's Travel & Tours Inc's executives have been charged with money laundering and violating election campaign contribution rules. Lorrie's Travel & Tours Inc is an airport shuttle service, whose founder is Tony Ruiz.

To raise its profile, Lorrie's Travel & Tours Inc had donated a large sum of money to Mayor Ed Lee prior to his election campaign. Allegations have not yet been brought against Lee as there is no evidence regarding the donations influencing the airport’s official decisions.

Tony Ruiz Advised Grandson to Make an Impact Donation

Tony Ruiz died on September 23rd. Before his death, Ruiz met Jason Perez, his grandson to discuss the business. Ruiz felt that his company was overshadowed by bigger airport shuttle companies. He also met Larry Del Carlo, the general manager of Lorrie's Travel & Tours Inc in this regard. Tony Ruiz discussed with Mission Housing Development Corp’s CEO, the appropriate measures to be taken to combat competition from bigger firms.

Jason Perez was advised by his grandfather to get Lee’s attention by making an impact donation. Perez's attorney, Tony Brass, stated that according to Ruiz, people with political connections may stimulate the growth of his business.

Financial Officers of Shuttle Service too Facing Federal Charges

The chief financial officers of Lorrie's Travel & Tours Inc, Hanan Qutami and Perez are facing several allegations. They have been accused of money laundering and making illegal campaign contributions. 56 year old Qutami of South San Francisco and 40 year old Perez of San Mateo have been accused of violating the campaign finance limit of the state. The alleged also violated the federal law on a corporate contributions ban.

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