San Francisco Club Member Faces Murder Charges

Posted by Chris Morales on Sat, Feb 25, 2012 @ 09:00 AM
25th Feb

A San Francisco club member has been charged with the murder of a member of his rival club. The accused, Christopher Ablett reportedly killed Hells Angels Motorcycle Club's president in 2008 in the Mission District of the city. Ablett has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a San Francisco federal court.

Christopher Ablett is a member of Mongols Motorcycle Club. According to reports, Ablett shot and stabbed 46 year old Mark "Papa" Guardado during a fight. Christopher Ablett has been convicted of 4 federal charges. They are for the - use of a deadly weapon in assaulting, use of a gun for murder, use of gun in violence, and murder for racketeering.

Ablett to be Sentenced on May 15

Apart from being convicted for the murder, Ablett will also receive sentences for assault. A ruling will be made on May 15th on assault charges. For these charges, the accused is punishable with up to a maximum 20 years of in prison.

Attorney Melinda Haag stated that according to evidence, Guardado was shot twice by the accused. After that, the victim was stabbed brutally with a knife of 12 inches. The knife by which Guardado was stabbed was of military style. The murder took place outside a bar on Treat Avenue on September 2nd, 2008.

Witnesses Describe Incident

Witnesses described the incident that happened in the evening of September 2nd, 2008. Ablett had come to San Francisco on that day to visit a friend. He had two weapons along with him. When Guardado, came to know that Ablett was in a San Francisco bar, he came to the place. A fight broke out between the two outside the bar, following which Guardado was killed.

Ablett testified in a federal court that he committed the crime in self defense. Richard Mazer, the defense attorney, has not yet made any comment on the case.

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