Chief of Police Arrested on DUI Charges

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Apr 09, 2012 @ 12:59 AM

Jeff Tyson

Jeff Tyson, 51, was arrested by the Boca Raton police after he was involved in a motor car accident between Clint Moore and Yamato roads. Tyson was the Chief of Police in Lantana and has since been relieved from duty.

Breath Analyzer Samples Lead to Arrest

The accident occurred in the afternoon when Tyson rammed his vehicle, a Ford Explorer, into a vehicle of the Sheriff’s Office of Palm Beach County which was unmarked. Tyson refused to take a sobriety test on the spot and was taken to the local police station.

The arrest took place before 2 pm when the breath analyzer samples showed almost thrice the legal limit of alcohol permitted while driving a car. Police officials who were inspecting Tyson’s vehicle found a crimson-colored drink in a metallic cup which is suspected to be alcohol.

Sean Scheller to be New Lantana Police Chief

Until further notice, Sean Scheller has been named the new Police Chief in Lantana. According to Michael Bornstein, Lantana Town Manager, suitable action will be taken as soon as additional details are made clear about the arrest. Bornstein has not ruled out the option of Tyson’s dismissal.

Two years ago, Tyson was named the head of the police department after Rick Lincoln, the former chief, retired. He has since then led a police department team of almost 30 members. Tyson refused to comment when accosted by media persons on the way to jail. It has not yet been decided which DUI lawyer will represent him.

Lantana Citizens Surprised over Tyson’s Arrest

The arrest of the police chief has surprised the citizens of Lantana. Although David Stewart, Mayor of Lantana has refused to say anything on this matter, residents are highly disturbed by the news. According to Carpenter, Tyson is the last person he would have expected to get arrested on charges of drunk driving. 

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