Goh Arrested On Seven Counts of Murder in Violent University Shooting

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @ 10:19 PM


One L. Goh, 43, has been charged with three counts of attempted murder, seven counts of murder and several felonies after he went on a shooting rampage at his former university in Oakland. Nancy O’Malley, district attorney, filled the charges before Goh was presented for his arraignment that took place 48 hours after the incident.

Goh Planned to Kill Administrator at Alma Mater

On April 2nd, Goh, a former student, planned to kill Ellen Cervellon who was the administrator at Oakland’s Oikos University. Angered by her absence, Goh went on a shooting rampage in the classrooms of the university and killed seven students. According to the police, Goh may have been targeting multiple individuals. A financial disagreement between Goh and the University is said to be reason for the killings. 

Goh was apprehended by the police after a security guard at a supermarket made a 911 call. No plea has been entered by Goh. Investigating officials have called this incident as one of the most violent after the Virginia Tech shootings five years ago.

Students Refuse to Enter Classrooms

The traumatized students are reluctant to enter the classrooms where Goh brutally murdered their classmates. According to Cervellon, a search for a new classroom outside the university is being finalized for conducting classes. The exact date on which classes will resume has not been decided by the University.

On Tuesday, a memorial service was held in honor of the seven victims murdered by Cervellon. The victims were Katleen Ping, Judith Seymour, Sonam Choedon, Doris Chibuko, Bhutia Tshering, Lydia Sim and Grace EunHea Kim. 

Goh Accepts Full Responsibility on Televised Jail Interview

Goh broke down during a television interview held at the jail and apologized for his actions. Goh admitted to the interviewer, Juliette Goodrich, his remorse will not bring the victims back.

According to Goodrich, Goh was traumatized and never lifted his head during the interview. On admitting his guilt, Goh began to cry as he mentioned that he did not fully remember what happened on the day of the shooting.

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