San Francisco Musicians Arrested On Charges of Drug Trafficking

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Apr 25, 2012 @ 08:40 AM


Federal agents arrested several musicians from San Francisco in connection with a nation-wide drug trafficking ring on Tuesday. The musicians were rappers who were working for a famous music label in the Bay Area called Thizz Entertainment. A preliminary trial has been scheduled in the federal court of Sacramento for May 4th.

Thizz Entertainment Promoted and Glorified Drug Use

According to officials from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the music label promoted the use and benefits of drugs in the lyrics of their rap albums. The name of the label ‘Thizz’ is allegedly a term of colloquial speech used by drug users when they are high on narcotics. The label, which was launched 13 years ago, has a shady past as few of its associates are said to have criminal records of murder and burglary that date back 30 years.

The rappers, based in Vallejo, are allegedly key players of a nation-wide drug trafficking ring. Heroin, crack cocaine and almost 50,000 pills of Ecstasy were seized by investigators. According to Benjamin Wagner, U.S Attorney, a total of 25 individuals from New York, Oklahoma and California have been arrested.

Several Suspects Yet to be Arrested

Federal Agents have revealed some of the identities of the arrested musicians as Bruce Thurmon, Major Norton, Michael Lott and Gaylord Franklin who performed under the stage names of Little Bruce, Dubee, Miami the Mist and Geezy respectively.

According to federal prosecutors of Sacramento, the main agenda of Thizz Entertainment was to sponsor talented rap musicians from the Vallejo neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the federal court of Sacramento, complaints of drug trafficking have been filed against a number of individuals who have been targeted by the DEA. Although warrants for other suspects have been issued, arrests are yet to be made.

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