Woman Files Lawsuit in Federal Court After Accidental Shooting

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Apr 27, 2012 @ 03:50 AM


Jessica Orozco filed a federal civil lawsuit against San Francisco’s police department claiming emotional distress due to negligence, assault and battery. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Orozco is seeking an unspecified amount as compensation.

Orozco and Friend Wounded By Police

On September 17th last year, Orozco and a group of friends were accidentally wounded when San Francisco police chased and shot at a suspect on a block on Broadway. Orozco, who resides in Napa County, was waiting for a cab in the early hours of the morning when the incident occurred.

Police officers were chasing Jesus Paredes Rodriguez, a resident of San Pablo. When Rodriguez, 20, pulled a gun, officers were forced to shoot at him. Although the shot missed Rodriguez, it hit Orozco and a man she was talking to.

Rodriguez Arrested on Several Charges

According to authorities, Rodriguez was arrested on several alleged charges including possession of drugs, weapons and suspicion of assault. Police are yet to release details on whether Rodriguez was the actual suspect they were looking for.

In the lawsuit, Orozco has been described as an innocent onlooker. Names of several defendants including the city and the officers who were chasing Rodriguez have been mentioned in it. City officials released a statement denying any wrongdoing and apologized for the distress suffered by Orozco.

What is a Federal Civil Lawsuit?

Citizens whose civil rights have been violated have the option of filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the distress suffered. The lawsuit can be filed in state or federal courts depending on whether compensation is demanded. Before filing a civil rights lawsuit, a government claim should be filed. The lawsuit will be handled in the federal or state civil court where the complainant should prove the legal responsibility of the damage caused by the defendant.

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