Arkansas University Football Players Arrested for Burglary

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, May 16, 2012 @ 07:39 AM

Marquel Wade SFC May 16

Police officers from Arkansas University arrested Maudrecus Humphrey, Marquel Wade and Andrew Peterson on charges of burglary and theft in dorm rooms. The accused are wide receivers in the football team of Arkansas.

Video Surveillance Leads to Arrest

The players were arrested after they were seen allegedly entering the dorm rooms which were burglarized. Arkansas police has estimated that more than $4500 dollars worth of stolen goods such as textbooks and personal computers were burglarized.

The players have been suspended until further notice by John L. Smith, the coach of the Razorbacks, which is the football team at Arkansas University. Smith, who replaced Bobby Petrino recently, upheld the suspension of the players as the first discipline check he has made for the team.

Smith stated that the university has high expectations from its athletes and expects proper conduct of behavior. He further went on to declare that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated by the organizers of the football program at the University.

Difficult Time for Football Players at Arkansas University

This is not the first time that Arkansas’s football team has come under the spotlight. In the last two months, more than 5 players from Razorback have been charged with criminal charges. This has affected the team’s performance as seen in their score of 11-2 in the past season.

Bobby Petrino, the former coach, was replaced after being found indulging in inappropriate behavior with a co-worker, to whom he had presented gifts worth almost $22,000. Kane Whitehurst, wide receiver, was arrested on drug charges early last month. Jason Peacock, offensive tackle, was arrested on charges of theft after he bought almost $50 worth of gas with a stolen card. Another player, Tyler Gilbert, was charged with burglary after he participated in breaking and entering of an apartment last month.

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