Gang Member Gets Life Sentence for Murder of a Rival Member

Posted by Chris Morales on Thu, May 17, 2012 @ 07:43 AM

SFC May 17

Christopher Ablett, a gang member, was handed a life sentence in a San Francisco federal court after murdering a rival gang member, Mark Guardado, of Hells Angels four years ago.

Four Charge Conviction for Ablett

On September 2, 2008, the victim and Ablett, 39, got into an altercation outside a pub in San Francisco’s Mission District. The accused stabbed and shot the victim who was not just a member of Hells Angels, but the local president of the gang. During the fight, the victim was stabbed and shot a number of times.

Richard Seeborg, US District Judge, upheld the conviction on four charges including use of a weapon in murder, use of a weapon in a brutal crime and assault. According to Melinda Haag, US Attorney, Ablett had come to the city with weapons such as a military knife and a revolver to see an acquaintance.

He was dressed in a tee shirt and a jacket with the Mongols insignia. According to witness testimony, on hearing that Ablett was at that particular bar, which was a few minutes from the headquarters of the Hells Angels, the victim approached him outside after which a fight ensued.

Ablett to Serve 2 Consecutive Life Sentences without Parole

Seeborg sentenced Ablett to one successive life term and two simultaneous life terms. Haag announced that federal life sentences do not have parole. Haag added that the conviction is a prime warning to people about the consequences of indulging in a mindless violent act of crime.

Although Ablett claimed he acted in self defense, it did not strike a chord with the jury. The prosecution also proved that the accused murdered the victim to enhance his member status in the motorcycle gang. According to the US Department of Justice, both gangs have had conflicts for several years. 

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