18 Year Old from San Francisco Arrested for Stealing Bicycles

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 02:15 PM

bike theft

Friday, police arrested an 18 year old from San Francisco for stealing bicycles and parts of vehicles. Close to 115 bicycles were found by the authorities after they followed a tip. This lead the Ingleside police to the house of Irving Sanchez, who was residing on Charter Oak Avenue. 

Recovered from the residence of the accused - eight bikes that were allegedly stolen 

Eight stolen bikes were found at the 18 year old’s house, in his kitchen. After a search was conducted on two storage lockers in Oakland, police came upon the other allegedly stolen bicycles. 81 were found in one locker, and 25 in another – both of which had been rented by Sanchez. The locker containing the lesser number of bikes, had one frame and 80 tires. 

Sanchez was arrested on suspicion of getting stolen goods 

According to the police, Sanchez has been arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen goods. The felony charges do not include those of stealing the bikes, stated Albie Esparza, a spokesman for the police. Based on a statement from Stephanie Ong Stillman, the spokesperson for the district attorney, as Sanchez has not been charged with the felonies, he was released from custody. He is free until further investigation reveals incriminating evidence. 

Recovered bikes held at police property warehouse 

Carlos Manfredi, another police spokesperson stated that the bikes have been stored in a police property warehouse in San Francisco. This was done only after the bikes were photographed and catalogued. The police issued a statement that those who think their bike may be among the stolen property in custody, can get in touch with the officials. To claim a bike, the owner will have to provide sufficient proof. 

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