Edwin Ramos Sentenced to Three Life Terms for SF Triple Murder

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Jun 13, 2012 @ 08:50 AM

Edwin Ramos

Charles Haines, Supreme Court Judge, sentenced Edwin Ramos to three successive life sentences on three charges of first degree murder. Judge Haines added that Ramos will not receive a possibility of parole for the murder of a father and his two sons almost three years ago.

Ramos to Serve 182 Years

Ramos, 25, shot Mathew Bologna, 16, his brother Michael, 20, and their father Tony Bologna, 48, in June 2008. Mistaking one of the Bologna boys as a rival gang member, Ramos allegedly opened fire while they were in their car. Ramos was arrested after he was identified by one of the Bologna boys, Andrew, 21, who escaped unhurt from the car.

With the three consecutive life terms, Ramos will spend 182 years to life in jail. The life terms will be served along with all the other conviction charges. Although, he maintained a stoic façade during the entire trial, he expressed his remorse when he learned that he will have to spend the rest of his days in prison.

Ramos Denies Shooting Bologna Men

According to Ramos, he has been falsely charged and is calling himself as the scapegoat for the leader of the gang MS-13 of which he was a member. Ramos declared that he thinks about the Bolognas and wishes that he could rectify his wrongdoing. The jury has also found Ramos guilty of attempted murder of Andrew Bologna.

Danielle Bologna, wife of Tony Bologna, expressed her gratitude to the members of the jury. Danielle, Andrew and his sister have been placed under the witness protection program as Ramos has accused Wilfredo Reyesruano, in the murders. Reyesruano is the leader of MS-13 and is still absconding.

Harry Dorfman,San Francisco prosecutor, is thrilled with the verdict and is currently working on a settlement amount that should be paid to the Bolognas by Ramos on a regular basis. According to Dorfman, Ramos will not be able to pay much but it will serve as a constant reminder of what he did to the Bolognas.

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