SF Father Charged with Murder of Daughter’s Pimp

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 @ 08:30 AM

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Barry Gilton, A San Francisco resident, has been charged, along with his girlfriend, Lupe Mercado, with the alleged murder of Calvin Sneed. According to police reports, Sneed was pimping Gilton’s daughter, whose name has not been revealed, and this is being considered as the motive for the crime.

Sneed Dies in Drive-by Shooting

In the early hours of June 4, Calvin Sneed was shot at while he was driving his Toyota Camry through the Bayview district of San Francisco. The gunshots, which police sources say were from a .40-caliber firearm, led Sneed to crash the vehicle into another parked car.

Although the victim was immediately taken to the San Francisco General Hospital by onlookers, he succumbed to his injuries soon after. Police sources suggest that it was either Gilton or Mercado that committed the crime. Anonymous police sources also claim that this was the second murder attempt on Sneed.

Parents Took Legal Measures to Rescue Daughter

Gilton’s daughter had left home a few years ago. After extensive investigation, the parents learned that their daughter had become a prostitute and was being managed by Sneed. At first, the parents tried to convince her to return home. When their efforts failed, they took legal measures but that did not help either.

According to Eric Safire, Gilton’s lawyer, the couple had gone to several national organizations and police agencies, but was not given any assistance. Safire claims that Gilton and Mercado are law-abiding SF residents and are not guilty of the charges made against them.

Authorities believe that the couple found out Sneed’s whereabouts last month and followed him to a neighborhood in Los Angeles and shot at him with 9mm firearm while he was in his vehicle. The shooter was not identified and Sneed did not suffer any injuries.

Gilton and Mercado have been arrested on multiple charges including discharging a firearm and conspiracy to commit murder. At present, their bail has been set at $2 million each. With the number of charges, it is highly likely that they would be sentenced with the rest of their lives serving consecutive life terms.

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