Accused San Francisco Parents Brought Back to Court

Posted by Chris Morales on Tue, Jun 19, 2012 @ 10:44 PM


A couple accused of killing their daughter's pimp in San Francisco were brought back to court for another hearing. The hearing was attended by friends and family of the girl. Pimp Calvin Sneed, 32, was allegedly murdered by Barry Gilton, 38, and Lupe Mercado, 37, with a gun on the 4th of June post 2 am.    

The reported incident

Sneed who was driving in San Francisco's Bayview District, near Le Conte and Meade avenues, was shot in the head. He died in a hospital the following morning after crashing into a car parked nearby. According to prosecutors, parents and the long time unmarried couple have four children. They shot Sneed after finding out that their daughter, 17, became a sex worker for Sneed, a pimp. Sneed had reportedly been operating in the San Francisco area.

Lawyers Tony Tamburello and Eric Safire's statement

Both attorneys of the defendants denied that their clients had committed the crime. Gilton's attorney Eric Safire mentioned that apart from the motive, there is no real evidence to prove the charges. Mercado's attorney, Tony Tamburello mentioned that there were several other people who had real motives to commit the crime. He also said that both the defendants are being targeted unfairly. Both the attorney's mentioned that Sneed's affairs with local gangs in the Los Angeles area could also be considered a motive for his murder.

Based on the criminal complaint against the parents, on the 27th of May they apparently had traveled to Southern California to track Sneed down. Sneed was shot by Gilton who used a 9mm handgun in North Hollywood Street. Sneed survived the shooting. When Sneed returned to San Francisco on the 4th of June, the couple located him after which Gilton allegedly shot him, this time killing him.


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