San Francisco Teen Cut Up on Beach; Vodka Used to Clean Stab Wounds

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Jun 20, 2012 @ 10:00 PM


A party that was meant to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation turned gruesome when a teen was found stabbed six times on Ocean Beach, San Francisco. The police were called over to the Great Highway located on Judah Street at 11:45 pm after the stabbing of the intoxicated teen took place. The party, which involved students from various high schools, cleared out after news about the stabbing spread.

Witness's account of incident

According to the witness, all the party goers started to run after the incident took place. The identification of the witness is not being disclosed by the San Francisco Examiner for safety reasons. The witness mentioned calling the police after three perpetrators started beating the victim who was in an intoxicated state. The physical assault sparked when the victim began to talk rubbish to the assailants. Throughout the beating, the victim begged the assailants to stop. The victim, who tried to stop the incident, told the attackers that they were being unfair in beating him up as he was drunk.

Wounds cleaned using vodka

Just after the beating, the victim was carried to the street by five teenagers, the witness and her boyfriend. Shortly after this, the group saw that the victim had been stabbed six times and then the witness called the police. The victim had been stabbed five times on his back. Unsure if the victim had succumbed, the wounds were cleaned using vodka by one of the party goers. The witness recounts that the partygoer, removed his shirt, dipped it in vodka and began to clean and disinfect the punctured wounds. Identity of the suspects was not released.

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