San Francisco Man Faces Assault after Trying to Break up Fight

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 10:10 PM


A man in the Tenderloin became a victim himself, after he tried to break up a fight in a liquor store. The perpetrators, who were taunting the first man with anti-gay slurs, beat the victim up after he called the police. The victim, Leo Volobrynsky, 30, hails from Odessa in the Ukraine but is a resident of San Francisco. After the assault, he has gone through 14 stitches and is missing a tooth.

Leo Volobrynsky's statement

The incident took place near Larkin and Geary, in a liquor store. The victim had reported to the San Francisco Examiner that his mobile phone was also stolen when the incident took place. According to his statement, Leo Volobrynsky left the opening night party at the International LGBT Film Festival in San Francisco at around 1:30 am with a friend. Volobrynsky and his friend entered a liquor store to buy a bottle of wine when he heard the fight start in the isle next to him.

The victim, who was being assaulted, had a man sitting on top of him screaming anti-gay slurs. The victim pleaded with the man not kill him, and to let him go. The whole time, the cashier and three other men in the store stood watching and cheering, according to Volobrynsky. As soon as this happened, Volobrynsky went outside the store to call the police. This was when he was attacked by the same person.

Police report confirms Volobrynsky's story

After receiving a call from Volobrynsky, the police arrived at the store where the attackers denied having done anything. However, the police have confirmed his story, except for the anti-gay slurs. The incident is not being treated as a hate crime at the moment.

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