Four Arrests for Possession of Drugs at San Jose Marijuana Grow House

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 @ 09:19 PM


Four persons were arrested after a routine probation search for possession of drugs that led to an illegal marijuana cultivation operation in San Jose. The arrests were made by Milpitas police on the 27th of June at 10 am when officers raided a San Jose residence to carry out a probation search. The officers were also to present an arrest warrant for David Morales, 28. He was wanted by the police for burglary charges in 2011 at a residential property in Milpitas.

When detectives went to the 3600 block residence of McKee Road, they encountered David Morales and two others. Morales, who immediately fled, was chased by the detectives who finally located him at another residential backyard. At the scene, Morales was arrested for probation violation, prowling, resisting arrest, possession of stolen property and burglary.

Police statement

Based on the official report, an illegal marijuana indoor growing operation was discovered when the residence was searched by authorities, said the police. The house was modified to grow over 500 plants of marijuana which were seized by the police. Police also found numerous firearms and large sums of money in the residence, said the official police statement.

The four arrested suspects

Among those who were arrested by detectives were Omar Tucker, 25, Johnny Munoz, 28, and David Morales. Jason Singh, 25, was also arrested on his arrival to the house during the probation search, police officials said. Tucker, Munoz and Singh were booked into the Santa Clara County Jail for possession and cultivation of illegal marijuana for the purpose of sale. Among the suspects, Tucker was recorded as a violent criminal. He was booked for a weapons arrest warrant outside of Colorado.

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