Teen Survives After Shooting in the Portola Area

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Jul 13, 2012 @ 08:12 AM


A San Francisco boy, 17, was shot in the chest after which he was hospitalized with great bodily injury. The incident took place in the Portola district, situated in Southern San Francisco. According to Carlos Manfrendi, police spokesperson, the boy was standing at Felton Street and San Bruno Avenue along with a relative at 5:53 pm. The victim was treated at San Francisco General Hospital.

Mayor Ed Lee's policy

Owing to an increased number of homicides, Mayor Ed Lee brought in a new 'stop and frisk' policy for weapons to be implemented by the Police Department. This policy has been frowned upon by civil rights advocates, as it has resulted in racial profiling in other cities. There have been a lot of reports regarding the recent violence on San Bruno Avenue, which is close to Visitacion Valley.

Workers from this area said in reports that shootings were quite common. A male employee of a store named Kragen Auto Parts, who requested that his identity not be revealed, mentioned that shootings occurred at least once in six months. He has personally witnessed this in his three year career at the store.

Another male employee of the Radio Shack store mentioned that his co-workers who were working reported hearing three rounds of fire, after which there was a lot of yelling. The employee also mentioned that this shooting was the first of its kind to occur in broad daylight at this corner of the street.

Based on the first reports by the police, it was mentioned that the 17 year old was shot in the chest, lower right back and left arm. There were no mentions of anyone else being injured. The police are still unsure of the motive behind the shootings and there have been no arrests made as yet.

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