Santa Cruz Police on a Hunt to Nab Robbery Suspect

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Jul 16, 2012 @ 08:15 AM


A suspect who committed a series of crimes in the downtown area is being tracked down by the Santa Cruz police. The initial theft occurred in a parking lot located at the 700 Block Front Street on the 5th of July at 4:11pm, police officials said. The victim, a woman, mentioned that the suspect tried to grab her purse through her window, and succeeded after a short struggle.

Police statement

A police officer who was informed of the situation arrived at the scene and even searched the entire area for the suspect, but in vain. According to the police, the same suspect is believed to have stolen a hat from a nearby store on the 1300 block of Pacific Avenue, a short time after the purse was stolen. They recovered a few of the victim's items in the same area, the police stated.

The series of events

Police officers are of the opinion that the suspect initially stole a bicycle from the 300 Block on Lincoln Street. The bicycle was stolen from the backyard of a house and was later found close to New street and Washington. The police even came out with the description of the bicycle. It is believed that the suspect rode the Bridgestone hybrid bicycle, which had a white basket in front. He is even suspected to have stolen tools in the same area.

Suspect description

The police have released a description of the suspect. Based on the description, he is expected to be 6 feet tall, in the later half of his 20's or early 30's and weighs about 160 pounds. The suspect has teeth that are rotten and dirty blonde short hair. He was wearing blue denims and a gray or tan T shirt.

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