Five Arrests Made in San Jose for Operating Illegal Rest Home

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Jul 18, 2012 @ 08:34 AM


A family in San Jose that operated a nursing home that was unlicensed was arrested for severely neglecting a dozen adults who were mentally disabled. According to authorities, the adults were not allowed to use toilet paper, allowed to bathe only once a month, and were repeatedly beaten and malnourished.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Office's statement

Based on reports from the Santa Clara County District Attorney Office's statement, police barged into the Cortona Drive residence and found that there was no running water, rotten food and several dogs and their feces on the floor. Prosecutors and police are of the belief that there may be additional victims.

Charles Huang, prosecutor, said that the adults found in the home were extremely vulnerable and were treated worse than the animals that were found in the home. He also said that they are hoping that relatives of the victims in the home will contact them quickly. The people who ran the home were Margaret Ngo aged 27 years, Charles Nguyen aged 25 years, Jennifer Ngo aged 63, George Dac Nguyen aged 72 years and Kathy Le aged 42 years. The San Jose police arrested all the accused persons who are presently released on bail. The charges against these people are animal neglect and dependent adult abuse.

Police were informed of the occurrences in the house by a relative of a disabled adult who resided in the home. The relative called the police and informed them that they were not allowed to see their relatives, and were informed that the relative did not reside there. Entry to the home was restricted to the police as well. When the police finally entered, they found the refrigerators had locks on them.

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