Burglar in Palo Alto Caught After Quick Response from Police

Posted by Chris Morales on Tue, Jul 24, 2012 @ 09:46 AM


A burglar who attempted to rob a business in Palo Alto was arrested. He was found trying to enter the premises through a skylight. Palo Alto police responded to the alarm that originated from 530 College Avenue, JJ&F Market at around 11:20 pm on the 11th of July.

The incident

On arriving at the scene, police found and detained the suspect who was found hiding behind a tree in the store. The suspect was confirmed to be 31-year-old Gustavo Alvarez. He had allegedly tried to rob the business by breaking and entering through the skylight. Upon the arrival of the police, the skylight was found broken. The skylight was also placed aside supposedly to enable him to rappel inside the store. The suspect planned to rappel inside with the use of a black satellite dish cable, the police stated.

Police arrival

The business had a burglar alarm installed, without which perhaps the suspect would have gotten away. On hearing the alarm police officials made it to the location of the business just in time, police said. When the alarm was activated, the suspect Gustavo Alvarez tried to escape by running out the back, the report added. At this point Gustavo Alvarez jumped across a barbed wire only to find a police officer waiting for him on the other side. The police also stated that they arrived just in the nick of time. Based on police reports, there were no items that were stolen by the suspect and that the police arrived before he could try to rob anything from the business area.

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