Man from San Francisco Accused of Identity Theft

Posted by Chris Morales on Thu, Jul 19, 2012 @ 02:50 AM


A man who hails from Michigan supposedly has a large criminal record in California, despite never having set foot in the state, San Francisco police said. Based on the criminal record, the man has served many years in the state prison.

Police spokesman's statement

The man can blame a former roommate for all the ill fame. Gordon Shyy, police spokesman, said that the former old roommate was Gregory Harville and he relocated to California over 30 years ago. He also stated that the suspect Harville, 58, was arrested in San Francisco after living someone else's life.

It is believed that Harville used his old roommate's Social Security number, date of birth and name to acquire credit cards, welfare assistance, collect traffic tickets, to get a driver's license and to find jobs. In addition, Harville also had dental and health insurance, police officials said. Harville did time in jail after being convicted of a felony, under the victim's name, Gordon Shyy said.

Shyy also added that the police were unable to indicate the exact number of times that Harville had been arrested, using the victim's identity. The police could not even pin point the crimes that he was arrested for.

The victim

The victim is believed to be a 54 year old man from Detroit, who first informed the San Francisco police about a man using his identity. The victim initially realized that something was wrong when he was denied health insurance in Michigan. He was told that he already possessed health insurance in California. As part of the investigation, police asked the suspect what his name was, when he stated Harville. He even provided identification supporting his false name.  

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