Robber Arrested in San Francisco for Home-Invasion Robbery

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Aug 01, 2012 @ 06:22 AM


Sandie Harden, a resident of San Francisco was arrested recently after he faced charges of robbery and kidnapping. He had been suspected of robbing and kidnapping an elderly woman at her home in Portola.

Report by the San Francisco Police Department

Sandie Harden, along with two other men got together in planning out this crime on a 79-year old woman. According to the sources, two men knocked on the victim's door on the morning of May 27th around 11 a.m. As soon as the woman answered the door, they attacked her. One of them pushed her down while the other rushed past through her during this course. The third man joined them soon after this attack.

Even as the old lady was dragged to her bedroom, one of the criminals held her by the throat as the other two ran through her belongings and valuables. They searched the cabinets in the house before they dragged her further down to the garage where they ripped off the gold chain from her neck. Unable to bear it further, the lady started yelling for help. This was when the crooks fled. Immediate help came along as neighbors suspected something was wrong.

Crime Scene Investigation comes to help

The San Francisco Crime Scene Investigation unit was called to the victim's home for help. The evidence was collected. Also a DNA sample was taken from the woman's home. This later helped to identify Harden as one the suspects. The other two are yet to be traced. As of now, 22-year old Sandie Harden has been arrested and is facing charges for allegedly attacking, kidnapping and burglary. Harden is being questioned by the police to reveal the other two suspects. But it is not very clear if he is cooperating with the investigators or not.

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