Brutal Thieves Target a Woman in San Francisco, Rob Her

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Aug 03, 2012 @ 06:27 AM


A woman in her late twenties was brutally beaten and robbed recently in the Russian Hill area of San Francisco. The street, which is otherwise considered safe, woke up to this frightful news creating panic and fear among the residents.

Victim was physically attacked

The woman was returning home when the incident took place. It was around 10:30 on a Monday night. The assaulter tried to blind the lady using pepper spray. When this did not work very well, he went to the extent of physically attacking her. He punched her on the face and head. After this, the man ran away grabbing her purse. There was nothing much the woman could do after this as there was a vehicle waiting, in which the suspect is supposed to have fled. The vehicle could have been a tan-colored American model as reported by the suspect. She was unable to note down further details.

The victim is reported to have lost some cash, an mp3 player and credit cards. She is suffering from mild pain, swelling and redness and did not seek medical attention. The police are suspecting two people in their early 20's and working on the evidence. No arrests have been reported yet though. There were two other incidents reported across the city, in addition to the above brutal attack. In one incident, a 22 year old male was attacked and robbed of his cell phone. In another incident that took place at around 5 in the evening, a man sitting inside a coffee shop was robbed.

The police are guessing that there might be a group working together and planning small time burglaries like the ones above. They are working together on nabbing the crooks at the earliest.

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