Bay Area Woman Accuses Husband of Criminal Assault

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 06:39 AM


Yuka Nagaya, a resident of San Bruno, has recently filed a case of abuse and criminal assault against her husband Yoshiaki Nagaya, which she had been tolerating for 18 months. Nagaya, 32, San Francisco Vice Consul, has been charged with 14 domestic violence and 3 assault cases.

In Japan, we don't call the authorities when husbands and wives argue

The couple moved to San Francisco in June 2010. There were mild doses of arguments and abuses ever since they shifted to the United States for Yoshiaki's new job as consulate. In March 2011, Yuka Nagaya, suspected her husband of cheating as he used to always complain of work and stay late at office. It was this incident that aggravated Yoshiaki, when he discovered that his wife was checking his cell phone. This led into a heated argument and prompted him to stab Yuka's hand with a screw driver which he had used to open the door which she had apparently locked while checking the phone.

This was followed by a series of incidents of beating, pushing, pinching and dragging. Yuka had no family or friends in San Francisco. Also being financially dependent on her husband, Yuka was forced to keep mum. On being further questioned on why all this wasn't reported earlier she stated a reason of cultural difference, where, back in Japan when husband and wife argue they do not let authorities interfere.

The abuse was reported after 18 months

For more than 2 years, Yuka faced assaults of being hit on the head with a laptop and being poked on the forehead with a sharp object for throwing food. The situation reached its peak, when on March 31 Yuka was pushed out from a moving car, after which she sought help from police. Though Yoshiaki did not make any comments on any of this when confronted, Yuka has shown photographs of the injuries on her body as proof. The court hearing is yet to take place as new interpreters were called in after concerns were raised against the accuracy of the old one. As on date Yoshiaki Nagaya is out of custody on $350,000 bail.

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