Santa Cruz Count Attorney Arrested for Assault and Hitting Officer

Posted by Chris Morales on Thu, Aug 16, 2012 @ 11:57 PM


Laura Broderick Walther, 48, a renowned attorney had been arrested after a detailed investigation was carried out in her home by a CHP officer. Laura misbehaved with the officer and tried to kick him as she was being hand-cuffed.

Suspected Drunk Driving

She was suspected of drunk driving by the California Highway Patrol. When being confronted for the 0.15 percent of alcohol in her blood as against the 0.08 which is considered legal, she resisted arrest and denied being drunk while driving. She was later put inside the County jail, on suspicious offensive behavior, including assault on a police officer, and released around mid night. She however, agreed to have consumed alcohol but only after arriving home, also adding that the police officer came much later after she got home.

A Santa Cruz police officer first saw Laura driving at high speed and unevenly in a gray Chevrolet Tahoe near Ocean Street at about 6:30 pm on Saturday. The CHP then dispatched a "be on lookout" alert for a potential drunk driver across the street. The officer then followed the vehicle and saw Laura get inside her home at the 1400 block on San Andreas Road. Later, the Patrol officer got inside Laura's home and carried out an investigation. This incident took place at around 8:45 pm.

The indecent behavior and rash driving leading to non-cooperation by the victim in investigation prompted the police to arrest. The driver though can refuse breath tests and choose for blood tests, until and unless detailed evidences are collected, no arrests for DUI are made. In this case, the appearance and behavior of the accused contributed to her arrest.

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