Hallucinating Father Tries to Burn Daughter's Hand in San Jose

Posted by Chris Morales on Sat, Aug 18, 2012 @ 12:51 AM


In a horrifying real life incident that took place in San Jose recently, Arnel Pecson tried burning his daughter's hand with the help of a blowtorch. Pecson, 44, was in police custody for one night while his daughter, in her 20's, still remains traumatized. The officers had received a call from the victim's home in the 4700 block of Andrea Way. It was the daughter informing them that her father was hallucinating after having consumed methamphetamine.

Under the influence of drugs

Drugs are bad enough, but blow torches could be even worse. Pecson has been a long time consumer of methamphetamine that is usually used as a stimulant to the nervous system. When the incident occurred, Pecson was reported to be high on this substance. The drug could have caused some kind of hallucination which aggravated to an extent where he could see faces and weird figures on his daughter's hand. To get rid of these, he retorted to picking up an acetylene torch that is commonly used for welding purposes, ignited it and attempted to burn off the images from her hand.

Pecson also tried to hit her on the chest several times when she resisted the burning act. This insane behavior of the father, urged the daughter to escape into the backyard and seek help. She managed to escape with just some minor injuries and was provided immediate medical help. Pecson was found hiding inside the house when police arrived and was arrested after a minor struggle.

The suspect was put behind bars on August 23rd, the day on which the incident occurred and had to spend a night in the Santa Rita jail. The judge set his bail at $30,000, as per court records. Pecson has not caused serious injury to his daughter, reported the police. The daughter however has declined to press charges against her father.

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