San Francisco: Woman Acquitted of Murder

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Aug 20, 2012 @ 12:22 AM


A woman residing in San Francisco, who spent more than a year in custody for murdering another woman with a knife at an attack, was released on Tuesday, August 28th. Maria Elena Burgos, 49, was arrested on the March 28th, 2011, 3 months after she had moved to Potrero Terrace apartments along with her daughter. She was repeatedly terrorized and in an act of self-defense committed this murder. She had stabbed Ernestine Herron, 26, in her neck in an act of self-defense. In her nine day long trial, Burgos testified that she had been ragged and bullied at her new apartment by the other residents. Herron had specially targeted her, as she was a newbie and a Latino.

A few days before the accident took place, Herron was said to have assaulted Burgos and forcibly taken money from her. This scared Burgos and she was confined to her place for few days. The morning of the incident, Burgos got out of her house for a walk and was confronted by Herron. Burgos had carried a kitchen knife at that time for her protection.

When Burgos asked Herron for her money back, Herron responded with a punch to her face and knocked her down on the floor. Unable to take the repeated abuse any further, Burgos closed her eyes and attacked Herron, resulting in stabbing her neck. Herron at the time of her death was tested positive for crack cocaine in her system as inspected by the medical examiners. Though prosecutors did accuse Burgos to be the one to initiate the fight and attacking a person who was not armed, the jury took a decision considering all points in favor of Burgos, stating she subjected to such a crime to protect herself and not intending to murder.

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