Police Kill a Man after Car Chase and Shooting

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Aug 22, 2012 @ 12:27 AM


A man was shot and killed by the Antioch police in the San Francisco Bay Area in a hit and run incident early Tuesday morning on August 28th. The man was chased in a car that also had a 3-year old girl in it.

Series of bizarre incidents

The incident began at about 11:15 pm on Monday when officers received information on a domestic quarrel at the Delta Pines apartment at 2301 Sycamore Drive that took place involving 3 men. One of the neighbors complained of a man arguing with two other people at the parking lot, and one of them pointing a gun at the head of another. As the police arrived at the spot, the suspect fled in a Mitsubishi. This led to a chase by the officers where the man rammed into two other police cars.

He then crashed into a residence, east of Contra Loma Boulevard, and ran into the backyard. Resident Jennifer Westerman, 66, saw the car in her driveway and grew suspicious. On taking a closer look, Westerman, a nurse who works for the Contra Costa County Health Services, found a 3 year old girl in the backseat crying. On comforting her and taking her in, the girl apparently said, her 'daddy' had run away. The police are not sure of the child's identity and are speculating her to be the suspect's niece.

A California Highway Patrol crew, who was contacted for help, spotted the victim on the roof of a home in Wainfleet court around midnight. On confronting, he pointed a gun at the officers, which resulted in a shoot out, killing him at the scene. The details of the suspect are not known yet.

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