Capitola Police Officers Arrested Man for Vandalizing a Restaurant

Posted by Chris Morales on Wed, Aug 29, 2012 @ 12:35 AM


The Capitola Police Officers have arrested a 21-year old man for vandalism, who apparently is a resident of the Morgan Hill area. The man was caught using a spray-can on the walls of a restaurant in Capitola on August 26th .

The 21-year old, who was later identified as William Robert Yurosko was reported to have sprayed the letters “SS” on the walls of a men's room inside the Capitola Village restaurant. This urged the employees of the restaurant to seek police help in getting the man arrested. They called the Capitola police, suspecting the man would cause further damage.

Very soon, the police arrived and were examining the place. During this examination, one of the employees of the restaurant spotted the man to be still loitering in that area. On reporting this, the officers tried to contact Yurosko, but failed as he escaped from the place on foot immediately. On further investigation by the Capitola police, a similar looking graffiti was found on the walls of another restaurant at Esplanade Park, not very from the restaurant where the earlier report was made.

On tracking down, police discovered more details about this Morgan Hill resident and a short distance away, caught and arrested him in an encounter without any major incident. The officers discovered a spray can and a marker pen from the victim, which he must have been ideally using for his purpose they suspect. Yurosko, who was later arrested on charges of suspicious vandalism, was booked into the county jail but soon released. At the time of the arrest, Yurosko also had another vandalism charge that was pending with the court.

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