Man Tries to Flee on a Skateboard Termed Illegal, Gets Arrested

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Aug 31, 2012 @ 12:44 AM


In what might seem a very funny incident, a 20 year old man was caught breaking into a grow house that can be easily termed illegal and later fled on a skateboard carrying a huge bag loaded with marijuana from the house. The man who subjected to this act has been identified as Dale Francis. He is facing charges against suspected burglary in addition to possessing marijuana for trade.

Roger Keener along with other officers received a call at 3 pm on Tuesday, August 21st, from Minerva Street. Officers found Dale riding a skateboard along with a bag in his hand when they arrived at the spot. As reported by the onlookers who gave witness, they saw Dale enter into a house through the window. After some time, he fell out from the same window and quickly took off from there on his skateboard, not forgetting to mention the large bag in his hand.

The police later discovered that the house, from which Dale escaped, was large in size and was supposed to be growing marijuana plants. This illegal grow house had about 150 and more plants that of the drug which was found inside in abundant quantity. It is not known yet if Dale happened to commit a regular burglary where he accidentally found marijuana or if he was already aware of the fact about marijuana being grown for trade purpose and is involved in the illegal activity of trading drugs. 

The officers are trying hard to investigate the same at the earliest. The neighbors however are totally oblivious of the activities going on in that house and on seeing the man flee on a skateboard with a huge bag got suspicious and informed the police.

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