FAQ about Criminal Court

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Feb 15, 2013 @ 05:51 PM


Where do I wait before my case is called?

Defendants whom are usually free from bail usually sit in the spectator area of the courtroom until their case is called by the courtroom clerk, bailiff, or judge. If a defendant is in custody one will wait in holding cells and are escorted by a bailiff into the court room.

Should I sit or stand when the judge is considering my case?

This is up to the attorney that you are working with there are different customs and proceedings for different courtrooms.

Where will my lawyer be?

This depends on the proceeding. For example in partial hearing lawyers may stand right in front of the judge. On the other hand lawyers usually sit or stand at counsel table the prosecutor usually on the side closest to the jury box. Lawyers will stand when speaking to the judge or questioning the witnesses.

Who usually sits in the rows of seats near the judge?

Those who will be seating in the row next to the judge are referred to as jurors. A juror is a person whom serves as a member of a jury.

Jurors are randomly drawn from the court’s geographical area. Jurors decide on the information and evidence given to them if the defendant is guilty.

Do criminal courts come with court reports?

Yes they do but in some courts now they use tape recorders instead of court reporters

Do Courts provide interpreters for those whom don’t speak English?

For most of the critical stages a judge will appoint an interpreter to translate for defendants and for other individuals that will need the translation

What will I be called if I represent myself?

An individual whom represent himself/herself is referred to as a pro se.

How should I dress for court?

Clients are always advised to dress for court appearances this also goes for the family, friends of the defendant.

How should I address the judge?

            Before speaking to a judge be sure to stand and call the judge “Your honor” and be sure to speak slowly and clearly. 

If you have any questions feel free to get in contact with me about your case.

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