Courthouse Bomb Threat - Jodi Arias

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, May 10, 2013 @ 03:39 PM

On May 9th, a twitter bomb threat hoax around the time the Jodi Arias verdict was to be announced, causing panic among law enforcements including the FBI, police and the sheriff’s department. Court papers show that the suspect had made several threats about bombs being placed in the courtroom where the Arias trail was taking place. Authorities say the tweets produced a wave of panic through various law enforcement agencies. 18-year old Laquint Cherry was arrested at a motel in west Phoenix. Cherry was found in the motel with his girlfriend Christina Hogan. Hogan was questioned and released according to the Sherriff’s office. Cherry is currently facing a felony charge for making bomb threats. The investigation began Wednesday night after someone tweeted than an explosive device was going to be placed in the courtroom. The sheriff’s office increased security and conducted additional bomb sweeps but found nothing. 

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The Jury of eight men and fourwomen convicted Arias of first-degree murder on Wednesday. Jurors will be able to deliberate one more time to determine whether the death penalty should be an option for Arias. The case was scheduled to resume Thursday, but court officials have postponed it until Wednesday, May 15th without any explanation. It could very well be that the delay was a result of Arias being placed on suicide watch, or a the bomb threat.

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