Leila Fowler: Brother’s Arrest in Her Death

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, May 13, 2013 @ 02:13 PM

It has been reported that the 12-year old brother of 8-year old Leila Fowler has been arrested. Early this month he stated his sister was stabbed to death in their home by an intruder. The 12-year old called his parents, who alerted the sheriff’s deputies. The boy described the intruder to authorities as a “tall man with muscular build”. This led to a 15-day manhunt that included a door-to-door search.

Officials announced there was no sign of burglary or robbery at the home. Many found it unusual that the boy called his parents before calling police when he discovered his sister stabbed. Community members are both relieved and saddened by the new of the arrest of the boy. An autopsy determined Leila died of shock and bleeding as a result of multiple stab wounds. Sherriff officials won’t say what kind of evidence led them to arrest the boy. What is known is that authorities seized several knives from the home shared with Leila’s father, stepmother and siblings. .

The young boy was taken into custody at 5:10pm on Saturday and is expected to be charged with homicide. The boy has been described by his biological mother as “protective” of Leila. No information has been released of where the boy is being held. The boy will most likely be in Juvenile court on Tuesday but will not go public since he is a minor. 



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