Uber will help felons become drivers under Prop. 47

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, Jan 15, 2016 @ 01:17 PM

Uber drivers who fail their background checks may soon be getting a second chance. If Uber applicants can get their felony convictions reduced to misdemeanors, or get their crimes expunged under Proposition 47, Uber will consider their employment. And if they don't qualify to be drivers, Uber will refer them to an organization that focuses on helping ex-offenders find jobs and become entrepreneurs. 

Starting on February 1, Uber officials will look through applications that were submited by November 4, 2017 of  individuals who failed a criminal background check and notify those individuals who may qualify for a reduced charged under state law. 

Prop. 47 reclassifies certain felony offenses as misdemeanors. Eligible offenses include possession of most illegal drugs and property crimes in which losses were $950 or less including forgery, check fraud, petty theft, shoplifting and receiving stolen property. 

Uber intends to bolster their workforce of 39,000 drivers in the Bay Area with applicants that follow through. Anyone who is a registered sex offender, has a history of violent crimes, driving offenses or is on a terrorism watch list will not be eligible. According to Uber this will not impact the safety of its passengers. 

Uber driver applicants who fail their checks, or don't qualify becuase of driving related offenses in thier history, will be encouraged to contact Defy Ventures. Defy Ventures is a program that teaches job readiness and entrepreneurship to felons through a series of programs. 

All Uber referees will need to pass Defy's own background check. Those who pass the background check will be given a scholarship to enroll in the training program, which costs participants $100 per month. Once participants find a steady job they will be able to enroll in Defy's incubator, which trains men and women to formulate and start their own business. 

It is really hard to get a job if you are a felon. The majority of job applicants ask if you have ever been convicted of a felony. If you answer yes, in most cases that is a red flag to employers. Everybody deserves a second chance, especially if it's a non-violent crime. If you or someone you know has a criminal record, contact a good San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney to help clean it up. If you have a Felony on your record, many times it can be reduced to a misdemeanor. Being a convicted Felon has many terrible consequences and most employers will not hire a convicted Felon. So get that off your record and increase your chances of getting a good job.

Make sure you hire a good attorney to seal your juvenile record. If you do't do this, your juvenile record may still appear on many documents. 

If you stand convicted of a misdemeanor get that misdemeanor expunged. An expungement doesn't erase the conviction but it softens the effects of the conviction. If you successfully completed probation, the judge should automatically grant your petition for an expungement.

If you were arrested, but not charged with a crime you can get your arrest record sealed and destroyed. Warning! This must be done within two years of your arrest, so don't delay. If you were convicted of a felony and it's been at least 7 years you can petition the court for a Certificate of Rehabilitation.  This is a good thing to do because if the court grants your motion, the judge is saying to the world that you have been officially rehabilitated.

If you have any questions about cleaning up your record call me today at 415-552-1215.