Computer Hackers and San Francisco Criminal Cases.

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 12:30 PM

images         Cybercriminals are a very smart bunch of folks. Most hackers start off as teenagers who learn how to manipulate internet providers to get free internet service. After scoring this minor victory they start to learn how to break into more sophisticated systems. WIFI or wireless internet has provided hackers with an opportunity to easily steal credit card and debit card information from retailers. This technique is known as "War Driving." Hackers sit in cars or vans in the parking lot of big-box stores with laptops and high power radio antennae and search through the companies vulnerable WIFI networks. An experienced San Francisco Criminal Attorney will know how hackers work.

Once inside the system they co-opt login and password information. Now they make their way from the local store to the computer servers at corporate headquarters.Experienced hackers can then set up a computer program that will automatically send credit card and debit card information to an account set up by the hacker. The hackers then gather the card information into batches and sell the batches of numbers to experienced Fencers. The Fencers then resell the credit card and debit card information to cybercriminals who use the information to make purchases.

An experienced hacker can also break into the webiste of a commercial store and steal credit card and debit card information from shoppers who make online purchases. If someone is accused of being a hacker or cybercriminal they need the assistance of a good criminal lawyer who understands the technology involved in the alleged crime.  

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