San Francisco Officer Arrested for Drunk Driving

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Feb 20, 2012 @ 09:30 AM
drunk driving

Union City Police Officers Association’s head was arrested last week for driving under influence. He is the third officer to be arrested for drunk driving this month.

43 year old Michael Ward drove a Toyota Tacoma on Pleasanton’s Bernal Avenue at the time of arrest. He was spotted at around 12:15 am on February 8th using a non-hands-free mobile, according to California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) officer, Steve Creel. Ward was pulled out of his car by a CHP officer. He was found to be under alcohol influence and was arrested.

Union City Police Refuse to Comment on Ward’s Arrest

Ben Horner, the Union City police Cmdr, refused to comment on Ward’s arrest. He only mentioned that an internal review was on. Prior to Ward's arrest, two other Fremont officers were arrested for drunk driving on February 3rd and 11th. These officers, along with Ward, were on off duty when the arrests took place.

According to Creel, the CHP does not keep a track of the number of DUI arrests involving police officers.

Officers Visited Harry Stern’s Firm Frequently

Harry Stern, an attorney of Pleasant Hill stated that his firm was visited quite frequently by all three officers after they were arrested for drunken driving this month. Stern commented that officer arrests for drunk driving are happening at the same frequency as that for general public.

Harry Stern added that there was a time when police officers safeguarded their colleagues arrested for drunken driving. Officers with DUI charges face consequences like suspensions, department sanctions and firing.

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