San Rafael Teen Arrested On Charges of Attempted Murder

Posted by Chris Morales on Fri, May 11, 2012 @ 08:30 AM

SFC01 IMAGE Max Wade

Max Wade, a teen from San Rafael, was arrested by detectives from Marin County on charges of attempted murder of a female friend and her boyfriend. Wade did not enter a plea when he was presented in court this week. His lawyer has requested that the case be transferred to a juvenile court.

Wade Shot at Friends over Rejection

On April 13, Wade, 17, shot at his friend and her boyfriend when they were sitting in a pick-up truck. Although Wade rode away on a motorcycle after the incident, the uninjured friends identified Wade. Marin County detectives arrested Wade from an abandoned building in Richmond on April 28 after it was suspected that he allegedly harbored a grudge against the girl after she rejected him.

When police officers searched the building, they seized numerous ammunition and arms, several IDs with fake names and electronic instruments that jammed cell and radio signals. The teen also had a fake law enforcement uniform and had plans of committing a number of crimes.

Bail Set at $2 Million for Wade

Charles Dresow, Wade’s lawyer, gave a statement to reporters alleging his client’s innocence. Dresow added that people should not condemn Wade and that it is a complicated case. Wade showed no remorse as he smirked and smiled when he was brought into court in shackles.

The accused will enter a plea on June 20 and is being held at Juvenile Hall with a bail of $2 million dollars. If convicted, he could end up in prison for 30 years. According to Yvette Martinez, Deputy District Attorney, additional charges have not been filed as of yet. Wade has been accused of stealing a Lamborghini from celebrity Guy Fieri, a celebrity chef in San Francisco. The San Rafael teen may be charged with burglary and theft when the investigation concludes.

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