SF Man Charged with Attempted Murder of Girlfriend

Posted by Chris Morales on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

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Jose Edgar Raya has been charged with attempted murder after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend with a sharp object. He is currently being remanded in Santa Cruz County Jail after Watsonville police arrested him on Tuesday.

Police React to Domestic Disturbance Call

On June 12, the Watsonville police were informed about a domestic disturbance incident at the Pacifica Apartments. Once officers located the apartment, they found a woman with numerous stab wounds in her abdomen, arms and hands. The victim was bleeding profusely and unconscious from the injuries.

Raya, 29, was in the same apartment and was being held in place by another individual who, according to police sources, was a witness. Raya was covered in blood and was taken to a hospital. The blood stains on Raya were later revealed to be that of the victim’s.

The victim, whose name has not been revealed, was rushed to Watsonville Community Hospital, which was the nearest medical facility. Although the woman sustained several cuts, she has been declared stable and is currently undergoing treatment for the physical and mental trauma endured.

Accused Attacked Girlfriend in Fit of Anger

According to the Watsonville police, Raya and the victim were in a relationship a few years ago and have had children. After the split up, Raya attempted to come back into her life in an attempt to reconcile and moved into her apartment. But things took a turn for the worse when the couple had an argument on the morning of June 12.

The victim asked Raya to move out and left the apartment to do a few errands. The accused was standing with a weapon in his hand when she got back and attacked her. Although she suffered multiple injuries, the victim managed to run outside and cried for assistance.

Several workers in the vicinity heard her cries and held Raya back from assaulting her further. Watsonville police have arrested Raya on multiple charges including domestic violence, assault and battery, child endangerment and attempted murder.

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