Suspicious Devices Found in San Francisco Building Basement

Posted by Chris Morales on Mon, Aug 06, 2012 @ 06:31 AM


Suspected pipe-bombs were reported to have been found inside a San Francisco apartment building basement. This created panic and fear among the residents. It was later determined that they did not contain harmful explosives. However, the safety measures of evacuating the building were carried out as soon as the report was made.

The authorities, around 12 am, received information on finding cut pieces of pipes being capped on each ends. They were found in the common area of the basement in the apartment house on 605 Jones Street. The officers examined the suspected pipes and were startled to find ammunition nearby. Around 75 people were then evacuated at the earliest possible time. The traffic towards Jones street from nearby streets was blocked for a few hours. Jones Street, Geary Street, and roads from Geary Street and Taylor to Jones Street were also blocked to the public. The bomb squad was called in for a detailed investigation.

Capped pipes and ammunition nearby raised questions

The pipes with caps and ammunition near it raised alarm. The police reported to have found 12-15 such pipe sections. Once the pipes were examined, they were believed to contain an unidentified substance. This was later confirmed of being non-explosive. Though investigation on the motive behind this incident was carried out, there were no suspects found.

“We were horrified”

Mayya Feygina, one of the residents evacuated from the building shared her horrifying experience saying that residents didn't know what was happening and were running for help. The scared residents were later calmed down and taken to a nearby safe place. They were allowed to return to their homes the following morning around 7 am.

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